Tuesday, August 19, 2014 18:00 at Oracle Auditorium, 3 Summit Park Drive, Independence, OH

Dan Gray will be our main speaker, and he will be discussing "Startup DevOps: Using Azure with iOS". Dan writes:
"With the growth of mobile apps that access custom cloud services and storage, and the need for quick turnaround of reliable software, how can a lean startup compete? This talk will discuss how a small organization with a limited budget can use Microsoft’s cloud solution called “Azure” as a backend for iOS mobile apps."

Dan will follow a brief opening presentation by BJ Miller on using enums in Swift. BJ writes:
"Enums in Swift are quite different from enums in other languages. Swift enums are first-class types, and can be extended with properties, methods, extensions, and protocols. I'll give a quick overview of some of the nuances to Swift enums and how they can be useful."

Parking is free.

The presentation begins at 6:00. The doors lock at 6:00 to the building, so please let us know via MeetUp ( if you will be late and we can come let you in.

Please pass the word!


The Cleveland, Ohio chapter of CocoaHeads meets monthly to discuss Cocoa/iOS topics. We meet the third Tuesday of every month at the Oracle Auditorium in Independence. Meetings begin at 6:00. Be sure to subscribe to the Cocoaheads-announce and Cocoaheads-discuss lists for the latest discussions and information. Everyone is welcome, and there are no fees. Programmers of all levels are encouraged to attend.

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