Thursday, October 13, 2016 19:00 at Software Ops, 15030 N Hayden Rd, Suite 120, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

October 2016 iOS Developer Group Meeting Search Ads, Debugging Tools, and More Last Month in iOS Development A short group discussion about iOS- and developer-related news from the previous month. — Matthew Frederick Matthew is the Chief Product Officer at Software Ops, developers of mobile-focused systems. Search Ads on the App Store: A Quest for My First Conversion Ads on the App Store?! Is this good or bad for independent developers? Apple says they designed search ads with the small developer in mind. Let’s take a look at my first week using search ads, diving into all the numbers and what the early days indicate for ad spend return on investment. — Wes Filleman Wes Filleman is an independent iOS app developer since 2008 focusing on the connected home with the MobiLinc line of iOS/Android apps. Debugging Tools and Workflows An overview of common workflows and tools for debugging with an emphasis on iOS apps and tools for Xcode. We’ll cover LLDB, Chisel, visual debugging, and more complex third-party tools . — Dave Lyon Dave Lyon is a freelance software developer and consultant.


We meet on the second Thursday of every month, with presentations and discussions on iOS and OS X development. Learn more at our Meetup group:



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