Wednesday, February 10, 2016 18:30 at 1319 Southeast MLK Jr. Blvd, Suite 220, Portland, OR

Topic: Discussion Night: Layout Solutions Battle Royale I'd like to get every one together and talk about what approaches everyone is using to layout in their apps and hear about your big wins and/or pain points with that approach. Do you use Autolayout? Do you set it up in code or Interface Builder? Maybe a mix of both? What about Size Classes? Maybe static numbers everywhere and big switch statements? Come share your thoughts and experiences and learn from others in round table style discussion on the topic this Wednesday night! Sorry for the late notice, I was surprised this week was already the 2nd Wednesday... I'll be trying for better lead time in the future! Hope to see you there!


The Portland CocoaHeads group is devoted to discussion of Apple's Cocoa Framework for programming on Mac OS X and iOS devices. During monthly meetings, members present on their projects and offer tutorials on various programming topics. Developers using any Cocoa-related language (Objective-C, Python, Ruby, etc.) are welcome.

Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month.

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Ryan Arana