Wednesday, March 23, 2016 18:00 at 1400 SW 5th Avenue, 3rd Floor, Portland, OR

Topic: Presentation Night: Typing Harder w/ Zak Remer

This month we're joining forces with the Mobile Development Portland meetup group and meeting on their home turf at the eBay Lounge.

Zak Remer, mobile developer at Opal Labs, will be telling us about Swift's type system and how you can use it for fun and profit, but don't trust me, here's his description of the talk:

Type systems don't have to be limited to making sure our Ints are Ints and our Strings are Strings. By baking our intent into our types we can teach a type system how to cover our back, letting it protect us from ourselves in all kinds of new and exciting ways.

Doors open at 6:00, talk starts at 6:30. Sounds like fun! Please RSVP here!


The Portland CocoaHeads group is devoted to discussion of Apple's Cocoa Framework for programming on Mac OS X and iOS devices. During monthly Presentation Night meetings (4th Wednesdays), members present on their projects and offer tutorials on various programming topics. During monthly Discussion Night meetings (2nd Wednesdays) members of all experience levels have a moderated group discussion on a given topic. Developers using any Cocoa-related language (Swift, Objective-C, Python, Ruby, javascript, etc.) are welcome.

Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

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