Thursday, May 9, 2013 19:15 at Urbandale Public Library Meeting Room B

Advanced Objective-C ARC
ARC is the future of Objective-C memory management and over time the LLVM compiler has been adding an array of features that relate to ARC. We'll go over exactly how ARC works, the advanced features in LLVM that help you tame ARC and break examples down so you fully understand what you need to do to get control of your code.


Yes, Virginia, there are people coding with Cocoa in Iowa. More than you would expect, actually...

The Des Moines, Iowa CocoaHeads group is a monthly meeting for developers of all skill levels to discuss Cocoa and Cocoa-related topics, including Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch development. There are no fees to attend and anyone who's interested in developing software for Mac OS X and iOS is welcome.

We meet on the second Thursday of each month (unless otherwise scheduled) at one of the Urbandale Public Library Meeting Rooms.

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