Tuesday, December 13, 2016 19:00 at Super Duper Publications

Its a giant Castle, you can't miss it! We're focusing on building a strong community in Greenville, SC for Apple developers, both iOS and OSX. We're excited about what the technology has to offer and how we can working together to unlock it. If you'd like to demo an app, or give a short talk on a particular API we'd love to hear it! Or if you've got a code related problem in your latest project and you'd like a few extra eyes on it bring it along and we can all have a look. If theres a particular topic you'd like to hear about feel free to drop us a line and we can try to make it happen. There will be free pizza and soda if thats your thing!


We love Apple's Cocoa Framework for programming on Mac OS and iOS. During the Greenville chapter's monthly meetings, members come together to teach each other and share what they've been working on. If you're interested in iPhone, iPad, or Mac app development come check it out. Greenville Cocoa



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Ryan Poolos