Thursday, February 16, 2017 18:30 at Detroit Labs, 1520 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226

Since the beginning Apple has designed Swift with protocols at its core. They form the basis of much of the Swift standard library and we use them every time we use Swift. Additionally, Apple has begun advocating for what they call protocol-oriented programming, where developers use protocols to abstract their own code, in addition to the previous object-oriented and functional paradigms. They've shown us simple examples of how protocols can work for us but what about using them at a high level in real apps? In this presentation I will compare and contrast the traditional methods of building an app with new patterns built using the protocol-oriented approach. Using no additional dependencies, this pattern has been developed and tested for an app that will ship soon. First, I will cover the traditional approach to asynchronous programming using Swift and how a protocol-oriented approach can make such code more reusable and testable. Second, I'll show how protocols can help keep your view controllers and other types small. And finally, I'll cover how protocol-oriented techniques can help keep your custom UI elements separate from the rest of your app, allowing for code reuse in other projects. To ensure we buy enough food, it’s really helpful if you RSVP at our Meetup page:


Motor City CocoaHeads meets in downtown Detroit at the Detroit Labs office, located at 1520 Woodward Ave.



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Jeff Kelley